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Neuropathy Pain Relief CBD Salve 5,000mg

$ 127.75

Only Quality Organic Ingredients 

Our ingredients are from French and UK Distillery's.  Less then 1.5% THC, PCR Hemp Oil in Concentrates 80% Phytocannabinoids. Not all Essential Oils and Base Carrier oils are created equal. Created by a Certified Aromatherapist and each oil is GC/MS certified. 

Our Unique Hemp Salve ingredients. 5,000mg of PCR Industrial Hemp, Herbal Infused Oils, Shea Olein, Tamanu, Coconut, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Pure Authentic Essential Oils 

Tamanu: Absorbs deeply into all three layers of the skin, delivering the healing qualities of the essential oils to the base of the Nerve Pain.

Caution ~ Avoid in pregnancy. Use with care on sensitive skin.

Aroma ~ Earthy, Nutty Scent
Extraction ~ CBD Distillation
Uses ~ Apply a small amount in and around the area of pain. Massage in for two full mintues. Relief from pain should show up in about 10 minutes. One full hour for the full relief and should last about 4-5 hours.

 Key Search Words: Healing, strongly anti-inflammatory, strong nervine, antibiotic, analgesic, rheumatism, arthritis, aches, headaches, stress, muscule relaxant, poor circulation, Neuropathy pain 

"Aromatherapy is an incredible healing art and science that supports and enhances the individuals’ ability to heal and maintain health. Aromatherapy is not a substitute for medical treatments and it's recommended that you see a qualified professional for any physical or mental conditions. We do not recommend internal use of essentials oils."   

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