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Organic Hydrolates

(Now Selling our Flower Waters/Hydrolates/Hydrosols by the Oz in Cobalt Blue Bottles.  We are working on updating the website) 

Terms Flower Waters ~ Hydrolates ~ Hydrosols are all the same, just different Naming conventions depending on where in the country.

Our Organic floral waters are freshly handmade using the finest Organic essential oils, carefully infused in pure mountain spring water to create wonderfully hydrating and refreshing remedies. Floral water is similar in properties and aroma to essential oil but in a gentler form, making it versatile and safe to use, even directly on the skin. Especially suitable for sensitive skin and babies.

They are a pure, gentle and light way to scent the skin, with various nourishing benefits of the Organic essential oils. The nourishing effects of the pure oils from the flowers are clear and beautiful, as well as refreshing, toning and hydrating to the skin. The floral waters are incredibly practical, you can apply a little to your bowl of water for cleansing, or onto cotton wool to clean skin. You can also use a spritzer in the bottle, so you can spray a mist over the face and body as a toner, or to refresh the skin throughout the day, it is especially useful in Summer time.
Some of our customers have used them during pregnancy, and others to use during hot flashes.

A delicious and divine treatment!

 Keep your Hydrosols Refrigerated at all times.