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What’s So Bad about Drinking Essential Oils?

Aroma News Internal Use of Essential Oils

We’ve heard many “recommendations” on drinking oils for ailments. You probably have, too. Has someone ever told you to do any of these?

Lemon in water for immune support

Peppermint in water for good for digestion

Grapefruit in water for weight loss

Lime in water for detoxification

Turmeric and Frankincense taken daily to prevent cancer

Flu Bombs in veggie caps with no carrier oil

Flu Bombs in shot glass with water


 This is why you should stop drinking essential oils

Essential oils are volatile chemical cocktails consisting of various (hundreds) of chemical components from ten or so chemical families. They are EXTREMELY CONCENTRATED.

One drop of lemon essential oil is not like one drop of lemon juice. Lemon essential oil is expressed from the rind of the lemon—pounds and pounds of lemon rinds. Do not be fooled by the wonderful aroma and yummy taste, it is heavy duty medicine.

And did you know that it takes 40 to 60 roses to distill one drop of Rose Otto? Did you know that one drop of Roman Chamomile is equivalent to 35 cups of tea?

When I was a kid in elementary school (second grade to be exact), I learned that oil and water do not mix. This, my friends, includes essential oils. Essential oils are fat-loving, aka lipophilic. They do not love water. Essential oils, as well as carrier oils, do not dissolve in water, so what happens when you put essential oils in water (without a soluble)? As you are swallowing your water, the essential oil molecules look at your mucosa in your mouth esophagus, stomach and say, “Goodbye water! Hello, mucosa.” Your mucosa is the fat they love and they go right to it!

What happens if you drink essential oils?

Repeated use of drinking essential oils in this manner can cause serious conditions. Some effects that we have seen with our very own eyes are:

  • Stomach irritation (This is the most common effect)
  • Ulceration in mouth, esophageal tract, and stomach lining
  • Severe allergic reaction
  • Teeth enamel worn away
  • Seizures

Because essential oils are not soluble in water (they do not dissolve), it makes it that much harder for the body to metabolize and assimilate the essential oil. You are putting stress on your internal organs.

Written by Still Point Distillery in Sedona AZ.   Good Information that needs to be shared.

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