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Wellness Blends

In aromatherapy there are two basic ways in which essential oils have an effect upon the body; through the nose and through the skin. Many of the therapeutic actions in aromatherapy can assist with pain, inflammation, headaches and a large array of challenges.  Each wellness blend is specially created for a particular condition or challenge. Use your blends where you need them.  For instance, for a sour belly, roll this on your belly.  For Headaches, roll in your hands and breath in deeply about 5 deep breaths.  Also roll on the back of your neck for tension headaches. Please call or email us at Zona's oils if you have any questions. or 480-575-9662

Blended by certified aromatherapist for Zona's Oils.  

"Aromatherapy is an incredible healing art and science that supports and enhances the individuals’ ability to heal and maintain health. Aromatherapy is not a substitute for medical treatments and it's recommended that you see a qualified professional for any physical or mental conditions. We do not recommend internal use of essentials oils."