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 (Now Selling our Base Carrier Oils/Hydrolates by the Oz.  We are working on updating the website) 

Zona’s Oils Offers pure authentic essentials oils and base carrier oils for whole body natural wellness.  Many of Our oils come from distillery’s in the UK and France and their testing facilities now include the use of the most up-to-date GC-MS (Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry) laboratories, which can detect down to 0.001% trace substances.  Many companies are claiming 100% pure but you need to see the documentation to know it’s quality.  Stop by and smell the difference. 

We’re dedicated to giving you pure quality oil which will result in a stronger therapeutic and healing effects. 

We also carry essential oils using Arizona botanicals from a local Clinical Aromatherapist, April Jaeger a certified Advanced Aromatherapist and Holistic practitioner since 1999.  April is also our aromatherapy instructor at Zona’s.  Classes are held once a month on various subjects related to Aromatherapy for full body health. Call or visit our Facebook page for class schedules.

We are always researching quality products and adding more local desert botanicals, the desert is filled with beautiful aromas and healing plants. 

We believe in the Education of oils, teaching you what to look for when choosing an oil and proper usage depending on your needs.  When researching and learning about essential oils, Zona’s recommends you use source base materials and literature that is not connected to a specific oil brand name, so you’re knowledgeable about the oils not the marketed blends.   

Design your own aromatic blend with our custom blending station.  It’s fun to create a personalized scent just for you, that will not only smell beautiful but can also uplift your spirits.  Personalized blending ideas, facial balancing blends, body mists, body oils, massage oils, Foot scrubs, body butters and sugar scrubs, just to name a few.

Our beautiful shop is filled with amazing local art, handmade jewelry and many local trinkets designed by local artists.

We also carry CBD Tinctures and Salves for pets and people.  This CBD product is 100% Solvent free and Organic

Pamela Schenk,

Consultant/Owner/Certified Aromatherapist