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300mg PCR Hemp Salve Exclusively at Zona's


Our Customers are loving Our
Daisy Mountain Botanicals 300mg PCR Hemp Salve. 
Sold Exclusively at Zona's Oils
Powerful Herbal Infused Oils with the added Healing Power of PCR Industrial Hemp packed into our Products.
(Active Ingredients: Cannabidiol, (CBD)Cannabinol, (CBN)Cannabigerol, (CBG)Cannabichromene, (CBC)Cannabidivarin, (CBDv)Cannabidiolic Acid, (CBDA)Naturally Present Terpenes)
**It is extremely important to understand the various CBD extraction methods as they have a major impact on the quality of the end product.**
Ethanol Hemp Extraction (Food Grade/Organic Alcohol) This is a much slower process in comparison to other extraction methods, but this is undoubtedly the best and purest way to enjoy the full benefits of Cannabidiol and actually, the hemp plant in general without THC.  This is a premium extraction process and is rarely found from a retailer stand point.
The Difference in Product between Organic Ethyl Alcohol Extraction and CO2 Extraction.
The most important difference here is that the ehyl alcohol hemp extraction retains the chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll is very important in that it oxygenates the body creating an alkaline environment. Many diseases cannot survive in an alkaline environment. It also retains the Terpenes (essential oils) which are the essence of the plant and one of the main healing factors.  Along with that it preserves all the flavonoids - the phytochemicals of the plant and of course the compounds or cannabinoids.  Ethyl Alcohol extraction is a very gentle way of extracting the cannabinoids and has been the go to for herbalists for centuries.
On the other hand C02 extraction is harsher, it removes all of the very important chlorophyll and if not done properly will combust the terpenes and flavonoids leaving just the compounds.  With a C02 extraction you are not getting Whole Plant Therapy.
There are several different techniques and they all have pros and cons. Nothing yields a perfectly preserved amount of nutrients from the original plant, but this is to be expected, as typically any time you attempt to extract and distill something from its original source, whether from the hemp plant or any other plant, you're going to sacrifice some of the original material in the process.

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