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Oregano Essential Oil "Origanum vulare"

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There is big difference between 'Oil of Oregano' supplements and 'Oregano Essential Oil'

There are over 30 varieties Oregano, some of which are used to produce essential oils, such as the African species O glandulosum, the Moroccan species O. virens, the Mexican oregano Lippia gravelens, to name a few.  Most commercial 'oregano oil' is derived from the Spanish oregano (Thymus capitatus), although this herb is strictly a thyme, it serves as the source for most so called 'oregano oil'.

Oil of Oregano supplements has been diluted with vegetable oils and other nutrients deemed safe for consumption and in low dosage levels

Oregano essential oil, "if pure and authentic" is steam distilled and 100% pure without any dilutions.  

Please use caution not to interchange these two entirely different oils, especially when using them internally.  Oregano Essential oil is not recommended for internal use unless otherwise directed by a Clinical Holistic Practitioner in a much smaller dosage and over a short period of time.

This is educational information only

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