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Aromatherapy is suffering from an identity crisis

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Aromatherapy is suffering from an identity crisis and has been since its rapid growth within the retail industry throughout the late 1980’s and into the present time. The average consumer is confused as to what aromatherapy is and if there is a difference between synthetic fragrances and genuine essential oils. 

"Aromatherapy is the holistic therapeutic application of genuine and authentic plant-derived essential oils for enhancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of the individual." by Jade Shutes

When researching genuine Aromatherapy, be sure to use reference material from qualified aromatherapists, that is not associated with one particular brand name.  

Recommended Books

Essential Aromatherapy "A pocket guide to essential oils & aromatherapy" by Susan Worwood & Valerie Ann Worwood

The Essential Oils Book "Creating personal blends for mind & body" by Colleen K. Dodt

The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless

The Natural Home Remedies Guide by Karen Sullivan

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