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DYI Room Refresher using Floral Water and Essential Oils


3 oz Tea Tree Floral Water, 2 oz Distilled Water, 20 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil, 20 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil and 15 drops Pine Needle Essential Oil.  This wonderful mixture smells amazing and works well as a room deodorizer and fabric freshener, without all the chemicals.

You can use Lavender Floral Water in place of the Tea Tree Floral Water depending on your choice of scents.  

In case your unfamiliar with Floral Waters..

Floral waters are formed during the extraction process, when the botanical material is subjected to distillation. The essential oil of the plant material is drawn off and the remaining water still contains certain constituents of the plant material, even when filtered and cleaned.

It is this filtered water, with the remaining plant and fragrance molecules that are referred to as floral waters, hydrolats or hydrosols.

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