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Put your oils to the test! (Basic Purity Test)

Basic Purity Test

Ok, so you've decided on a brand of Essential Oil and you believe your oils are "Genuine and Authentic" oils.  Put your Essential Oil selection to the test to be sure!  Place a drop of essential oil on a clean white sheet of blotting or watercolor paper.  The Essential Oil should evaporate completely within 24 to 48 hours, leaving no stain.  I've tried this with Zona's "NHR" Essential Oils and I was not surprised, these oils are Genuine.  

This method should not be used with "viscous essential oils", such as vetiver and sandalwood, as the more viscous the essential oil the longer evaporation will take.  Citrus Oils and others with relatively high volatility are best suited to this basic test.

Common adulteration to essential oils include added vegetable oil or synthetic chemical constituents to increase volume of the oils.  

If your oil doesn't pass this test, read my blog on "Choosing Quality Oils" or stop by Zona's and pick up NHR Essential Oils.

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