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Frankincense essential oil and cancer: Why EOs and chemotherapy don’t always mix by Robert Tisserand

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Many customers have been stopping in my little oil shop, asking about essential oils during chemotherapy.  I wanted to share a little information from Robert Tisserand.

"Robert is an esteemed colleague recognized in our aromatherapy industry as the leader and world expert." 

Many essential oils have protective & antioxidant effects on our cells, and there is a reasonable chance that they will do the same for cancer cells – protect them from the chemotherapy – which of course would not be a good thing. This opinion is shared by many. It probably sounds odd – you’re thinking that frankincense oil should kill cancer cells and not protect them – but the only evidence for killing cancer cells (apart from one skin cancer report) comes from a few lab tests when high concentrations were used.  Cont....

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