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Zonas Face Serum - Elixir 1oz

$ 24.75

Zona's Natural Face Elixir ~

Hyaluronic Acid, Pomegrante Seed Gel, Squalane "Derived from Olives"

Hyaluronic Acid: this little ingredient is usually the key to plump, glowing skin.

Pomegrante Seed: Contains unique punicic acide at 75%. Punicic is a highly nutritious fatty acid for the skin, able to balance ph and condition the skins surface.  This fatty acid is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and cell regenerating, helping to increase elasticity of the skin and repair sun and weather damage. Anti-oxidative properties deeply penetrate and protect against free radical damage in the skin tissues.

Squalane "Olive Derived":Squalene is a natural part of our skin sebum or lipids, produced by the sebaceous glands in the epidermis. Olive oil is a major source of plant based squalene, one of the most common lipids produced by skin cells. As a natural part of the sebum, squalene lubricates the skin, prevents the evaporation of moisture, and functions as a natural emollient and protective agent.  Squalene supports the delivery of oxygen to skin cells and removes waste. A deficiency of squalene results in dry skin and premature aging. Squalene is highly unsaturated and valuable for skin health.

Formulated by Zona's certified aromatherapist.



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