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Love + Oils Workshop Feb 9th

Love + Oils Workshop Feb 9th

$ 30.00

Love + Oils Workshop ~ Powerful Natural Botanicals for Self Awareness and Confidence.

Thursday February 9th 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Essential Oils and aromatherapy have played a significant role in attraction and intimacy for thousands of years. In this workshop we will discuss how oils can create an attracting allure both in your social life and in the bedroom. But it's not all just about attraction, it's about how oils can help you create a more powerful sense of self awareness and confidence through key hormone balancing and emotional support. This workshop covers everything from the aromatherapy for the single life to oils for couples and relationships.

You can come as an aroma enthusiast or bring a friend or loved one. This class is really for everyone and will absolutely help you find the best way that oils can support you this Valentine's Day season, and all year round.

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