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Aromatherapy workshop for Yoga Teachers

$ 35.00

Botanical Healing for Yoga Practitioners:

Aromatherapy for Yoga Teachers. ~ 

Monday November 6th Noon till 2:00pm

Deepen your teaching practice with the power of essential oils. Today’s yoga classes tend to be multi-sensory, transporting students to unique places and setting unique energy signatures for each class. Essential Oils can inspire focus, enhance body awareness, and expand meditative states. But it’s not a one size fits all concept. Instructors need to be conscious and educated about how they introduce Essential Oils into the studio. In this class we will explore everything from quality in Essential Oils to safety and liability, and innovative application. In class we will make personalized yoga blends and discuss blending for all various yoga styles.

Even if you have worked with aromatherapy in your yoga sessions for a long time, this master class will have something for you. April will share her expertise of over two decades of teaching, both Advanced Aromatherapy and Yoga Teacher training, as well as dozens of other professional modalities which she integrates with her healing practice. This is just the beginning of our new series of classes, focusing on Botanical healing for yoga practitioners. 


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