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Aromatherapy Workshop for Kids and Teens

Aromatherapy Workshop for Kids and Teens

$ 30.00

Workshop July 28th 5-7pm

Aromatherapy for Kids and Teens Workshop July 28th at Zona's Oils from 5-7pm Discover the work of aromatherapy as it applies to the brilliant and bright minds of tomorrow.  Young people today are savvy on natural healing and they crave nature and it's sensory appeal.  Most young people have used or encountered essential oils.  But do they feel empowered in using oils to nurture balance and focus the mind, body and soul.  In this class the students and parents are invited to learn which oils work best for specific age groups and conditions. We will discuss oil selection, dosage, and safety.  A fun recipe list will help guide you and your child in creating powerful tools for improving the immune system, stress levels, quality of sleep, study and retention and so many more.  Don't miss your chance to make your own products with this hands on creative workshop. . 

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