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Tinctures and Salves Rich in CBD

Zona’s Now Carries the Wellness line of CBD Tincture and Salve.  A C02 extracted hemp CBD that is 100% organic and solvent free.

Information on C02 Extraction method:  "The most advantageous aspect of CO2 extraction is the fact that when used as a solvent, carbon dioxide leaves behind no residues, which is critical to providing customers with the purest form of cannabis oil."

Our wellness line of CBD Tinctures come in 1000mg, 500mg and 200mg. The Wellness CBD Salve is 50mg and works extremely well on muscle pain.

 We also carry a 400mg Tincture from Valor Vapor which is from Hemp Crystalline.

. A little less expensive for those that are on a budget but still works amazing.

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine found that CBD significantly suppressed chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain. 

And many more benefits available check out... 

These CBD products are not available online, these are only available in store.  Stop by our Cave Creek Shop for more details and information.

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